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Published: Feb 25, 2021

Model for Rail Transportation System To Predicting the Capacity of Train Speed and Length

1-10 1)Nalli Vinaya Kumari , 2)G S Pradeep Ghantasala

Borrowing Techniques in The Translation of Study in Scarlet in Indonesian Language

11-22 1)Imamati Zikra Ar Rusyfa , 2)Ramlan

Translation Method Found In Sm-B310 E Samsung User Manual

23-30 1)Marini Rabitha Salwa , 2)Misla Geubrina

The effect of job description and work facilities Toward the performance of employees in class II routes B Sigli Pidie Regency

31-49 1)Herizal, 2)Herawati

Expert System of Blood Fever Disease Using Case Based Reasoning (CBR) Method

50-68 1)Junaidi Salat, 2)Muhammad Rizal, 3)Wahyuni Harahap, 4)Cut Lilis Setiawati

The influence of internal communication, work orientation and work procedures on the work productivity of the service employees in the scope of life of Pidie district

69-87 1)Cut Italiana, 2)Rahmah

Student Participation In Following Extracurricular Activities On Years 2020/2021

88-97 1)Amirzan, 2)Muhammad

The Innovation Class uses the Proyect Based Learning model to improve the problem solving skills of Jabal Ghafur University students

98-108 1)Bansu.I, Ansari , 2)Mirunnisa

The effect of product differentiation and price fixing on consumer buying interest in green perfume, Sidoarjo, Pidie district

109-121 1)Cut Yusnidar, 2)Ulya Muliana, 3)Boihaki

The Analysis of Students’ Difficulties in Completing Thesis During the Pandemic Period

122-129 1)Fauziah, 2)Zaiturrahmi, 3)Jamaliah

Breast Cancer Prediction In Virtue Of Big Data Analytics

130-136 1)G S Pradeep Ghantasala, 2)AnuRadha Reddy, 3)Subbarao Peyyala, 4)D. Nageswara Rao

Integration Of English In The Learning Process

137-146 Muhamad Alfi Khoiruman

Analysis Of Cultural Value And Motion Skills Sport Geudeu-Geudeu

147-161 1)Indah Lestari, 2)Jafaruddin

Development Of Learning Tools For Modification Of Music And Dance In Improving The Growth Of Rude Motors For Kindergarten Students Of Gresik Regency

162-176 1)Khusnul khotimah, 2)Dewi Fitriyatus Sholihah, 3)Mas Lailatul Qibtiyah, 4)Heru Subrata

The Influence Of Using Blended Learning Model Through Schoology Media On Students’ Achievement In Writing Descriptive Text

177-185 1)Fatimah Sari Siregar, 2)Intan Juliani Putri