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The term big data is used to collect information, which is enormous and still emergent and increases exponentially concerning time. Big data covers both arranged and rearranged data. In the present scenario, big data is playing an essential vital role in the healthcare industry for the forecasting of the diseases. In the healthcare industry, Breast cancer is one of the crest cancers occurring in women of various age groups. Breast cancer is another reason for most of the deaths of women across the nation. The only solution to this is the detection of the disease in the early stages, which gives us chances for finding a better solution and cures of the illness. This problem can be implemented by taking the dataset using the K nearest neighbor (KNN) algorithm to find the classification of the accuracy (i.e., Percentage) based on the machine learning for dealing with the problem analyze the medical issues for further treatments.



Healthcare, Big Data, Breast Cancer, KNN, Dataset, Machine Learning

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