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This study aims to determine Effect of Job Description and Work Facilities toward Employee Performance in Rutan Class II B, Sigli, Pidie Regency". Where is the independent variable, namelyJob Description (X1) and Work Facilities (X2) and Employee Performance (Y)as the dependent variable. Data were collected using a survey method through a questionnaire filled out by respondents. Then the data obtained were analyzed using multiple regression analysis. This analysis includes Validity Test, Reliability Test, Multiple Regression Analysis, Classical Assumption Test, Hypothesis Test through F Test and t Test, and Analysis of the Coefficient of Determination (R2). Based on the research results, the regression equation is obtained: Y = 4,641 + 0.392 X1 +0.435 X2 Based on the results of the above analysis, it can be concluded that of the two variables studied, it turns out that the Work Facilities variable(X2) has the most dominant influence of 43.5% on Employee Performance atClass II B Prison in Sigli, Pidie Regency. The relationship between the dependent and independent variables, namely each variable Job Description (X1) and Work Facilities (X2) on Employee Performance di Rutan Class II B Sigli, Pidie Districtwith a correlation index of 92.9%. This means that the relationship is very strong. Then the determination index of each variable Development of the Job Description variable (X1) and Work Facilities (X2) is 86.3%, this means that it has a significant effect on Employee Performance.i Rutan Class II B Sigli, Pidie District and 13.7% which is influenced by other variables not examined in this study.


Job Description, Facilities, Performance

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