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This study discusses the creation of an expert system that can be used to diagnose dengue fever. The method used is the Case Base Reasoning (CBR) method. CBR is a method that uses an artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligent) approach and focuses on problem solving based on the knowledege of previous cases. The cases used were obtained from records of case handlers for diagnosis of dengue fever from an old case dengue fever specialist and provided one new case to calculate the value of its proximity to the old case. The results of this study provide output in the form of possible diseases and treatment suggestions based on the similarity of new cases to the knowledge that the system has. The test results based on manual calculations and system calculations obtain appropriate results so that the system is able to diagnose clinically and the system is able to provide information and solutions about dengue hemorrhagic fever based on the knowledge and abilities of doctors.


Expert System, Case Based Reasoning, Dengue Fever.

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