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The purpose of this research is to develop and produce products that varied Irish Music and Dance Learning in the context of Rising Pyisical Motor Development with gross motor skills in Gresik Regency Kindergarden. The approach used in Research and Development cause the target of this research is to develop a product such as: a learning tool game varying of music and dance thas is universal and actual in rules with the procedures and the real needs on the school. The teen step of research approaches are varied into five steps, namely the inception study or needs action, daily activity development program (RKPH), equipment prototype, test, validity, and reporting. This study carried out a inception study / need action and planning prototype learning development tools ready and bailable to practice another time. The research subject is a kinderganden teacher Gresik Regency Kindergarden. The research data in form of information about the number of song that are crediable and know children with a good and simple dance that can be used for the physical development of the child's motoric activity were composed through the literature on begining equipment in the form of ( a) RKPH and (b) a simple media such varies song lyric children ready to be tested in future studies.


development; music and dance; physical motoric

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