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This study aims to determine the difficulties faced by students of the Jabal Ghafur University English Education Study Program in conducting research and writing reports as their final project during the pandemic. This type of research is descriptive research. The subjects of this study were undergraduate students of the English education study program who were undergraduate thesis guidance in 2020. Data collection in this study used questionnaires and documents. The questionnaire is given to students who are writing their thesis. Data were analyzed using percentage techniques which were further described. The results of the study generally show that there are various kinds of difficulties faced by students in conducting research during the pandemic, both academically and non-academically. About 81.8% difficulties in the academic field and 18.2% in non-academic difficulties. Academic difficulties are caused by challenges of adapting research topics to the current situation, writer's block, lack of understanding of research methods and academic writing styles. In non-academic fields, student difficulties are dominated by personal readiness. The research results are expected to be input, information and reference to the English Education Study Program of Jabal Ghafur University so that the factors of student difficulties in completing their thesis in the new normal period can be overcome.


analysis of students’ writing difficulties, research during a pandemic

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