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Published: Jun 28, 2021

The Semantics Of Body Parts In Bataknese And French: A Comparison To English

185-202 1)Yayuk Hayulina Manurung, 2)Fatimah Sari Siregar

Online Learning Methods Using Online Applications During The Covid-19 Pandemic At Smp Plus Darussalam Banyuwangi East Java

203-218 Muhamad Alfi Khoiruman

The Influence Of Physical And Social Distance On Health

219-226 1)Misla Geubrina, 2)Abdul Azis, 3)Ramlan

Initiation-Response-Feedback (IRF) Of Lecturer-Students’ Interaction In English Learning Online Classroom

227-234 Dharmawati

Breast Cancer Treatment Using Automated Robot Support Technology For Mri Breast Biopsy

235-242 1)G S Pradeep Ghantasala, 2)Nalli Vinaya Kumari

The Effectiveness of Using Scanning Technique to Improve Students’ Reading Comprehension

243-256 1)Nuraiza, 2)Yudistira Saputra, 3Rini Susiani

The Use Of Simon Says Game To Improve Student’s Listening Skill

257-268 1)Farizawati,, 2)Mellysa

Analysis of the Financial Performance of Cooperative Teachers and Employees in Makassar City

269-284 A. Sumarlin. K

Teaching Philosophy Of Islamic Law Through E-Learning

285-292 Sahmiar Pulungan

Development of Digital Storytelling To Improve Reading Ability 4-5 Years Old

293-303 1)Inar Garmarini, 2)Khusnul 3Khotimah, 4)Godi Fitriyatus Sholihah, 5)Heru Subrata

The effect of personal communications between lecturers and students and organizational culture in increasing learning achievement At STBA medan

304-316 Hendra Mulia

Comparative Analysis of Financial Performance Between Bank Mandiri of Conventional and Bank Syariah

317-325 1)Nazariah, 2)Adillah Ulanda

The Effect of Liquidity Ratios, Profitability Ratios and Activity Ratios on Profit Growth in Chemical Sub-Sector Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the 2014-2018 Period

326-338 1)Ramzizah, 2)Maulida

Design And Construction Of Safe Security System Using Microcontroller-Based Magnetic Sensors

339-350 1)Zikrul Khalid, 2)Cut Lilis Setiawati, 3)Junaidi Salat, 4)Muhammad Rizal

The Effect Of The Quality Of Raw Materials And Production Processes On The Sales Level Of Tahu Jaya In Mutiara Timur, Pidie Regency

351-360 1)Teuku Isnaini, 2)Husaini Abdullah