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This study aims to analyze lecturer-students’ interaction in English online classroom Interaction and to describe how the pattern of Initiation-Response-Feedback (IRF) in online classroom interaction. This research used qualitative descriptive research. The subject was informatics students at Universitas Harapan Medan. This research employed a case study in online classroom interaction by using three data collection techniques, they were observation, questionnaire and interview. The data was analyzed based on Sinclair and Coulthard theory (1975). The results of this reserach were the following (1) The language used by the lecturer and the students in online classroom interaction was not balance. Both lecturer and students used bahasa for 65% and the rest 35% for English language. (2) The lowest pattern was student’s response. It had 30% responses given to the students because the students made many mistakes in speaking and pronouncing some words. Among of three patterns, the lecturer’s feedback was dominat pattern in online classroom interaction rather. It is suggested to English lecturer to improve students ability in speaking English by having practice English with the lecturer and their friends and also supporting the students to encorage to speak English in online classroom.


IRF (Initiation-Response-Feedback), English Learning, Online Classroom Interaction

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