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The title of this research is the design of a safe security system using a microcontroller-based magnetic sensor. The purpose of this study is that the use of a security system when opening and closing a safe requires increased security, to make a safe using a microcontroller-based electronic circuit application, because technological advances, especially in the field of security in the detection of safes, will provide enormous benefits in general for make a safe at the grocery store. Safes are one of the targets of theft. introduces a tool that can prevent and prevent these crimes by using keypad code securitythat uses a password that is able to secure the safe and can set the password as desired. and this tool can work quite easily, by entering the pin on the keypad according to the password that has been set, when the password is entered correctly then it successfully opens the safeand if the password is entered incorrectly, the buzzer will sound. The advantage of this tool is that it can detect a burglary by force using a magnetic sensor equipped with a buzzer in the Telegram application on Android, which will make a sound or sound if the safe is broken into or is being infiltrated by unauthorized parties, and a notification message will also appear in Telegram on Android


Security System, Microcontroller, Telegram Bot, Buzzer, Doorlock, Magnetic Sensor

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