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This research is an experimental research and uses quantitative methods. The authors conducted this study in class XI IPA 1 as a control class and class XI IPA 2 as an experimental class. To obtain data, the researcher conducted experimental teaching for six meetings. The instrument used was 10 questions. This research was conducted to determine the extent to which students' understanding in listening by using Simon says game. The researcher uses 1 type of experimental teaching namely, pre-test and post-test. The results show that there are significant differences between students who are taught by using Simon says game and students who are taught with other methods. This was found by comparing pre-test and post-test. Based on the data obtained, the authors concluded that their listening comprehension improved after being taught using Simon says game, they were also interested and motivated in the learning process. Then choosing Simon says game can greatly help students to improve their listening skills. The calculation of the data showed their experimental class had the total score 2045, meanwhile in the control class had the total score 1945. The mean score of experimental class was 18,2 and the mean score of control class was 14,6. It showed the mean of difference score of experimental class was higher than control class (18,2>14,6). While, the result of was 7,84. Because of that, higher than (7,84>2,68). It means, was accepted. It indicated that the ability of the students in mastering listening had been increased after the researcher teach Simon says game.


Effectiveness, Scanning Technique, Reading Comprehension

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