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The robot is intrinsically safe for MR except for the off-shelf needle. Under MRI direction, the robot can accurately locate lesions, raising tissue injury and the risk of false negatives. These results are positive for clinical research, enhancing the quality of healthcare on MRI-guided breast biopsies. The new robotic surgery studies in tissue repair and regeneration have been systematically reviewed and analyzed. Surgical robots may increase the accuracy of skin flaps and shorten the harvest time. Moreover, robotic surgery benefits from minimal trauma in the tissue and therefore forms a minimum scar. The IGAR (Automated Robot Picture Guided) is a robot platform Form able to perform clinical interventions under the image with high precision Leadership. IGAR is unique because it is compliant with MRI and Maintains safe operation, proper protection, high image quality and accuracy. Even in an imaging environment, robotic control.


Robotic-Assisted Surgery, MRI, lesion, needle insertion, Tissue repair and reconstruction

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