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In  the  2013 Curriculum, schools, in  this  case  teachers are  required to  create a  creative and innovative teaching and learning atmosphere, namely through the use of information technology so that it is expected to be able to increase the competence of students. One of the methods of learning to read at Lasiyam Kindergarten Surabaya is storytelling. The integration of the  storytelling method with information  technology  means  that  story  books  are  converted  into  digital  story  books.  Digital storytelling learning media is another color of classroom learning. The development of digital media storytelling is intended as a supplement to reading skills for students at TK Lasiyam Surabaya. This media utilizes multimedia technology in telling stories, where the components of the story are presented in  audio  and  visual  animation.  Researchers  used  Adobe  Flash  software  to  create  digital  media storytelling and used a research method, namely a qualitative approach through Classroom Action Research. The results obtained from observations show that digital storytelling media can make children more enthusiastic about learning to read and children more enthusiastic about participating in the learning process. The conclusion of this study states that the indication of an increase in reading skills of the Lasiyam Kindergarten students in Surabaya, from 57%, at stage I, increases to 60%, at stage II, and at stage III to 73%.


Digital storytelling; Kindergarten reading skills

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