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This study aims to identify teachers' understanding of basic literacy skills based on learning according to students' ability levels. This research is a descriptive-qualitative study that describes the insights and understanding of basic literacy skills of teachers from 2 junior high schools in Keude Ulim Village and Balee Ulim, Ulim District, Pidie Jaya Regency. The research activities were conducted in conjunction with training activities for the All Children Literacy and Basic Numeracy.  Program for elementary school teachers in Keude Ulim and Balee Ulim villages. The data collection process was carried out with basic literacy test questions given to 30 research subjects. Each subject was assessed based on the achievement of each indicator of mastery of the components of the CERDAS all-child approach, the scope of basic literacy skills, the grouping of students based on basic literacy skills, and the level of students' basic literacy skills. The results showed that of the 30 teachers who took the basic literacy test, only 3 teachers scored >70. In addition, the schools studied that had the lowest basic literacy insights were Keude Ulim and Balee Ulim junior high schools and Pidie Jaya district junior high schools.


insights literacy Teachers junior secondary school

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