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This study focuses on the use of games to motivate students in learning English and the impact of games on students’ motivation in learning English in the eighth-grade students at SMP N 2 Sigli. The research was a descriptive qualitative study. The participants of the study were the English teachers and the eighth grader students at SMP Negeri 2 Sigli. Interview, questionnaire and documents analysis were utilized as the instruments of the study. In validating the data, the researcher used data source triangulation by comparing the result of interview, questionnaire, and documents analysis. This research was analyzed by using interactive model of data analysis including the data reduction, the data display and conclusion, and verification. The findings showed that the ways that the English teachers used to motivate students in learning English were introducing English common words or phrases, applying games and song, providing positive punishments and reward, giving challenges in form of project based, sharing experience and advise about the importance of learning English. There were academic and non-academic impact of using games on students’ motivation in learning English. In academic domain, the students were more knowledgeable and easier in understanding the lesson, and increased the students’ ability in English especially vocabularies. Non academically the students became excited and enthusiasts in learning English, focused on the lesson, felt challenged to learn more, showed a sense of cooperation in group work, and enjoyed the lesson.


Learning motivation Games ELT

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