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This study aims to determine how the influence of leading agribusiness development in poverty reduction efforts in the Pidie Regency area. This research was carried out in March 2021. The research sample was 74 from a population of 3,717 leading commodity farmers in Pidie Regency. Collecting data using observations, questionnaires, interviews, and documentation. The method used is qualitative and quantitative analysis. Simple linear regression method was used to see the effect of variable X and variable Y. The results showed that agribusiness development had an effect on poverty alleviation in the Pidie Regency area. This is because developing superior agribusiness is very helpful in the family economy, because the land cultivated is its own land, so that income is higher, especially the land cultivated is wider than small land. Main commodities are also still in great demand by the agricultural market, and this is also a great opportunity for the development of superior commodities


Leading Agribusiness Poverty alleviation

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