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This study examines teachers' professional development concerning reflective teaching strategies that affected students' learning outcomes and whether they can professionally improve the teachers' quality of education. The research method used a descriptive qualitative approach to the type of case study research and used a phenomenological paradigm because of the current pandemic conditions that are still ongoing. A qualitative study case was employed in this research. The data were gathered using open-ended questionnaires and interview Then, the participants in this study were English teachers and their students' Junior High School. This study suggests that teacher self-reflection during the pandemic significantly contributes positively to professional development and can affect students' learning outcomes. Therefore, there is a need for the effective self-development of teachers on an ongoing basis to improve competence. The role of the teacher through reflective teaching is also critical as a strategy for increasing the competence of English teachers professionally and improving students' learning outcomes.


Reflective Teaching Development Teachers’ Professional Students’ Learning Outcomes

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