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The inability of students to do arithmetic operations on integers will cause problems for them in learning other mathematical material. The above review is the reason why the author is interested in conducting this research. The problems that occur are not only in the learning media system, but the availability of quotas that require a fairly high cost for students and teachers to facilitate online learning needs. The quota purchased for internet needs has soared and many parents are not ready to increase the budget in providing internet networks. This is also a very important issue for students, what time do they have to study and what data (quota) they have, while their parents are low-income or from the lower middle class (poor). Until finally things like this are charged to parents of students who want their children to continue to follow online learning. Online learning cannot be separated from the internet network. Internet network connection is one of the obstacles faced by students whose residence is difficult to access the internet, especially those students who live in rural, remote and disadvantaged areas. Even if someone uses a cellular network, sometimes the network is unstable, because the geographical location is still far from the reach of the cellular signal. This is also a problem that often occurs in students who take part in online learning so that its implementation is not optimal.The purpose of this study was to determine student learning outcomes in integer arithmetic operations in grade VI SD during the Covid-19 period. The research subjects were students of class VI SD, totaling 11 students. The data in this study are quantitative data, namely student scores obtained from test results. The data obtained were analyzed using the t test. Hypothesis testing was carried out using the left-hand side test at the real level = 0.05. The results of the study show that: the learning outcomes of class VI students on the material for counting integer operations during the Covid-19 pandemic reached the level of success, but if we investigate thoroughly there are still students who have not reached the level of succ


Learning Outcomes Covid-19 Count Integers

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