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This paper aims to determine the meaning, objectives and principles of learning, analyze the determination of methods in learning and analyze the effectiveness of the use of various learning methods. This research uses literature review. As for the results of the researchers' search related to methods in learning that the learning method is a systematic and orderly process carried out by teachers or educators in conveying material to their students.The purpose of learning is how to build scientific ideas after students interact with the environment, events, and information around them. The teacher must also choose the right method so that learning becomes active, innovative, creative, effective and fun so that learning must have certain principles.In determining the learning method, the teacher needs to know the condition of the class, students, learning media and financing so that learning can run smoothly.There are many kinds of methods that can be used in learning including discussions, lectures, demonstrations, experiments, assignments, simulations, dramas and field trips. From this research, it is hoped that it can be a reference for teachers and lecturers in carrying out learning.


Methodes and Learning

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